What Makes The Pocket Edge Dualbook Unique?

First of all, it has an E-Ink display ereader on one side and a color browser on the other side.  Of course, an ereader with E-ink is easier on the eyes.  But is it the best ereader?


Pocket Edge Dualbook


Pocket Edge 7.0" Dualbook Red

has a stylus, for ease of reading (on both screens).   It has a touch screen for when you choose to browse the Net, or check your email.  The two screens work uniquely together for better interaction with the device; the viewing  of hyperlinks is easy, and you can embed Web pages and video into text in e-books.

It can orient displays horizontally and vertically for easy viewing; and it folds 360 degrees so you can view it as a book, or prop it open like a laptop.

The Pocket Edge dualbook has a well-constructed outer shell to protect the screens when not in use.

Its dimensions are 7.5 x 8.2 x 1 inches.  It weighs 1.4 pounds.

Important Feature:  It has a flexible hinge, and one can rotate the  screens to use at multiple angles.


* The users in the forum are really knowledgeable and friendly–they truly enhanced my experience, by enabling me to learn its capabilities & functions
* The battery life is good
* Lightweight, easy to carry
* With the built in YouTube application, streaming is easy (& good quality)
* The reader functions are similar to the Kindles
* WiFi is really quite a breeze to get set up,
* All in all, it’s a responsive gadget that can be fun to play with.
* Pretty good integration between the eReader and the tablet


*No access to Android Market
*The eInk screen is rather small & hard to write on–I tried to annotate a PDF on the  screen yesterday, and found it very difficult

*The Pocket Edge has a resistive screen – in laymans terms, it is more challenging to scroll and  select on than other touchscreens. At times it is quite frustrating, and so I end up utilizing the stylus to minimize frustration

*Can only read downloaded kindle books on the tablet side. NOTE: You are able to sideload Nook books & read on the eInk side, it’s quite simple. And pdf/epub format books are available from the Entourage Store.

Who Is The Pocket Edge Dualbook For?

In the end, this device is to be recommended to those who enjoy gadgets and have the patience (& inclination) to learn about its functions, and deal with certain limitations.

You could, alternately, buy the larger (and heavier) Entourage Edge if you wanted an easier time with notetaking.  That’s up to you.

Update:  Upgrade is now available. Here’s some of its new features:

  1. Hibernation Mode
  2. Faster Tablet Response
  3. Better Accuracy in screen typing
  4. It is compatible with later generation Android apps
  5. It has native sync with Google Calendar and GMAIL
  6. Speed improvement with the handwriting function (Journal app)

So, if you are a person who needs the best tablet on the market, this ain’t it. Or if you want the very best ereader, avoid this. But if you would like a device which offers both a tablet & an ereader, and does an above avg. job of both, get this.

I am one who is patient & enjoys gadgets, & I do not mind learning about them.  If this sounds like you, you may enjoy the Pocket Edge Dualbook device !

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OVERALL RATING:  4 out of 5 stars

For full details or to buy the Pocket Edge dualbook now, click here.  Most orders are eligible free shipping.

Source of Buyer Reviews and Description: Amazon.com

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