The Enhanced Ebook:  What will Enhanced Ebooks Mean for Me?

It appears there will be some new enhancements to ebooks.

Enhanced Ebooks

Soon it will be possible to view film clips on your ereader.  With the advent of Apple’s ipad, publishers began to see things in a new way.  Digital publishers are beginning to “think outside the box” and get more inventive with respect to the ebook.

Since the Medallion Media Group has purchased Triple Threat Mobile Development, it is clear that they have something special in mind when it comes to development of a brand-new ebook distribution platform.  And they promise to invoke something that’s new in the world of

enhanced ebooks

Isn’t this exciting?  It’s something to look forward to in the year 2013.   That’s the slated date of arrival for the enhanced ebooks; and while the president, Adam Mock, is being rather “hush-hush” as to exactly what the improvements will be, he  insists that  it’ll be something unique – other than just adding audio, or video, to the ebooks.

As Jennifer Bergen explains at, there are already some worthwhile enhanced ebooks out there – if you’d like to check them out, just go to Enhanced ebooks article .

There is a listing of 8 enhanced ebooks touted to be worth checking out.  It is a slideshow presentation for your perusal.  The first and second ones listed are:

  1. Flipped
  2. Marcel, the Shell with Shoes on

The second one, Marcel, is a short 3 minute film which has gotten over 12 million views already.  It is a joint creation, by Dean Fleischer-Camp  and Jenny Slate.  Because of this success of the 3 min. short, Slate and Fleischer-Camp have teamed up with Penguin Young Readers Group to bring an interactive ebook to market.

The story is about a mollusk (shell) who is quite self confident.  The interactive part (for children) is in the fact the user can direct Marcel’s parachute by tilting the ereader or tablet; and, the user can opt to ride on the swirling salad spinner.

*Important Note:   You’ll want to SCROLL Down if you click on the above link, and just go to the bottom of the post – where you see in RED the word “Next” .  Click Next in order to witness the next portion of Slideshow.

Ebooks for Children:  Other Ideas

You can have a look at our chart, which has some popular ebooks for children .

Next Up:  A Review of the popular kids ebook, ”    ”

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