Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Tablet

Nook Color Ebook Tablet - eReaders for Kids
Product Features

  • Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Magazines & newspapers in rich color
  • Kids’ books come alive
  • Over 2 million titles at your fingertips
  • Get social, surf the web, play games, even listen to music

Product Description

Nothing will make your reading as vibrant as the VividViewTM Color Touchscreen.  In fact, the rich high resolution backlit display utilizes more than 16 million colours to illuminate crystal clear images and crisp text for reading day or night. NOOKcolor lets you explore beyond reading with our built-in Wi-Fi® connection. Check your email, browse the web, or read a favorite blog or book – it’s all right at your fingertips.

Our exclusive application LendMeTM allows you to lend out books to your friends, all with just a few taps. Or you can share excerpts, and suggest books to your friends directly from the page you’re reading via Twitter® or Facebook®.

From creating your own home page to personalizing your bookshelves or selecting just the right font for you, NOOKcolor allows you the creativity to put your own stamp on it, and make a customized reading experience for yourself.

So get in there – gather ideas for books with our exclusive NOOKbook Personal Shopping. Our bookseller experts will provide suggestions to you based on books you like. Kick back and have some fun with the growing array of exclusive NOOKextras. Crossword puzzles, Chess, Sudoku and Pandora® internet radio are some of the fun additions for you at NOOKcolor.

“I enjoy new gadgets so I tend to look at how will this be developed, over time. With the Nook color they got it right. First, the size is very good for people used to reading paperback books frequently, or reading in bed before sleeping.

The LCD eye burn has not effected me yet, even though I’ve already put in six straight hours of reading.

Once you learn your way around, the Nook Color seems intuitive. The magazine format is a welcome addition..”


“As far as pdf’s go, it WILL not retain the page I left off at.  For a one hundred page document, it is a real hassle..”


“I have read ebooks on nearly every device there is, while looking for just the right mix of features to support them.

As to how this unit compares with e-ink:  As a user of many different e-ink devices, I have knowledge on such devices as Kindle and how they eliminate eye-strain. This was my concern with the NookColor. As it happens, there is a color/font adjuster which will allow you to manipulate how the books look until you find something appealing..”


Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

For full details or to buy the Nook Color eBook Tablet now, click here.  To look at an alternative, cheaper Nook LOOK at this:

ASIN 140053271X-Model #BNRV300-Nook Wi-fi 6 inch Touchscreen eReader  Barnes & Noble NOOK Touch eBook Reader, 6 Inch Wi-fi only (8 oz) with Long Battery Life

>> You can read up to 2 months on just one charge <<

Some Reviews of Barnes & Noble NOOK Touch eBook Reader, 6 Inch Wi-fi :

5 Star Review

“..I bought both Kindle & Nook, & compared. While there were plusses to the Kindle, the one thing that made me opt for the Nook was the ability to borrow books from my local library..”   READ MORE

3 Star Review

“Just a brief review of my 2 weeks with Nook Simple Touch.  It’s a good ereader with some issues; this looked like THE ereader to buy when it came out.  So lightweight, easy to navigate..”   READ MORE


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